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Default Good Evening..

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Hi I have read through a few posts so I kind of know what to expect but please read my message fully and then tell me how to proceed to get everybody happy ASAP.. lolz..

My name is Shane T. I run a PC repair store and fix the occasional phone as I am learning more all the time.. ANdroid security is always lax so I boot in recovery do a backup and bada-bing.. there pictures etc are safe or (they use AN SSD and it saved there, take it out give it to them, viola DATA SAFE again.)

Anyway sorry not to the nitty gritty..

I am buying a phone from a person. I made sure they had the receipt and owner the phone as I don't want to buy a brick and go like REALLY? WTF? I bought a brick for $100? lol

I promised this fella I will get his pictures and data off before reseting the phone and using it myself but as it is the screen is non-functional (not the LCD itself, just the glass cracked etc (new glass on order for $9.99 from China)..

So what I want to know is CAN I GET HIS DATA without all his personal info (Ie. BBID, password, e-mail used to set-up etc).. I have been having a problem with this so I sent him a text and am going to bed and waiting on him to move forward... However if he can't find it, lalalalalalalala, and 3 weeks goes by and I want to use my NEW PHONE can I get it stuff or is my only option to FAIL PASSWORD 10 times and reset completely and loose his data? I am trying to help him and help me.. So I am just curious as to how to get this done without having to talk to the guy for 10 hours and explain Security and Security Tokens and File Privledge Rights and all that techie stuff I understand 100% but the average person looks at me like I am speaking french or spanish...

I appreciate any help you can offer and help means anything.. If that means SECURE WIPE sorry dude.. so be it...If that means SECURE WIPE, reset, setup new BBID, attach phone to BB Desktop, and then use something like... ICare Data Recovery or ASoft Data Recovery and RECOVER THE DELETED FILES using DATA RECOVER SOFTWARE (If that can work as a BlackBerry is a world class device whereas an Android is not quite as SECURE..)..

I am asking because I am new to trying to fix BlackBerry's and they are a new monster to me.. and I know world leaders use them because of the SECURITY FEATURES... anyway I appreciate you help.. and if the owner calls tomorrow and gives me all the info BBID, E-Mail, Password etc.. than great I am done without any real work involved.. but if he doesn't have it what is next? IE> Get him to call BlackBerry and speak to customer service about RESETTING HIS BBID password? etc. etc...

This phone IS NOT STOLEN.. I am trying to be a nice person and get his his data before I wipe it and he loses "precious photo's"...

Thank you, Best Regards
Shane Thistle
o/o HamiltonPCParts in Hamilton Ontario Canada

P.S.S. I have not done 10 wrong passwords and reset the phone as yet as I want to be nice and get his data... I do know I can do that and use the phone like I bought it new which is what I am going to do once we get his photo's off of it.. He said E-Mails, IM's, Phone #'s are not important.. Only his "Photos" are not backed up.. I explained to him in future use G-DRIVE, ONE-DRIVE, DROP-BOX or like cloud software to prevent this from ever happening again and he is now using GMAIL and GDRIVE services on his brand new Android and will never need to see me or pay me for services next time.. I am just a guy trying to help another guy... that is why I said "Call BlackBerry and talk to them?" as an available option...

I would like a response ASAP so I can start using and enjoying my new blackberry but do understand sometimes it takes time to get good answers from good people because maybe they log-on once a week, not once a day... Will check back hourly in hopes of hearing a solution that works... Thank you for your patience as this message was really, really, long-winded but I am trying to make sure I answer all the valid questions before they are asked so I don't have to post/re-post/re-post... Once again.. in summary...

I am buying a BlackBerry Z10 from the original owner who has the receipts, box, manuals etc...
The Screen (sorry not the screen, the touch-screen portion of the LCD is currently NFG)
I would like to access the phone to get his photos, and only photos.. no e-mails, no IM, no contact info.. simply .JPG photo's taken on the phone...
Contacting BlackBerrry is an exceptable answer to my question.
I did look and he had an SSD in the phone and I found lots of photo's and video's there but am not 100% sure if I got everything at this point (there were folders named ANDROID etc which led me to believe this SSD was in an ANdroid and those pics and videos were done with the ANDROID not the BlackBerry)
I just looked in the photo properties of one of the photos I found and it said it was made with an LG Electronics Camera Model LG-D852 so I think these are android photo's not blackberry..
I have stopped working with the phone so not to cause SECURE WIPE etc etc... and am waiting for customer info to continue.. I am only trying to find what to do next if he doesn't understand

Thanks again sorry for the 10 page question.. Trying to be through and get help rather than brief and just get more questions...

I appreciate all responses and CONTACT BB is a valid response.

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Default Re: Good Evening..

if its password locked and you don't have the password, you can not access the device internal memory and there is no back door
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Default Re: Good Evening..

And you won't even be able to wipe the device without a BBID password once OS 10.3.2 is installed on these devices. I wouldn't bet your livelihood on being able to recover data from these devices without the password.
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Default Re: Good Evening..

Just ask the guy for the old password and do a backup using LINK from blackberry.
you stated multiple times you are jut trying to help, so help.

If the phone is pre BB OS10 then desktop manager will do a backup.

The password is still needed.
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Default Re: Good Evening..

Also, if the user had the camera set to save pics on the media card then there are likely very few photos on the device.

As for the Android question, the BlackBerry 10 device has an Android player and runs Android apps so there are Android folders created by the BlackBerry.

If your goal is to get just photos, why don't you give him the photos and ask him if that's all of them. As suggested above, if only the screen is inop you should be able to connect to the Link software but you won't be able access anything on the device without the password.
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