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Originally Posted by Sy4 View Post
Ok, so, there's no doubt some that will not appreciate this.

BUT....I think everyone should have a crack at it. I've seen some god awful animations and themes before, but with some tweaking and advice, they can actually be pretty awesome and it gives people that little bit of pride on the net

so, here goes a REALLY basic guide to doing animated themes. Please bear in mind since about 8.00pm GMT I had no clue, and here I am writing a guide, so it can;t be that hard right? ;)

Step 1 - The Animation Background - Easy Version

1. Find an animated GIF file that you like and you want to make into an animated background. Download this file and remember where you put it


3. Import the animated gif you found.
As you will see, once it's imported as a layer, it will have a RED border area, with little squares in the corners, and in the middle of the vertical/side borders. This allows you to stretch the image / gif to the size of your desired working area (dependant on the device you pick).

See Arrow A for the points you can move.
See Arrow B so you can see the size you need to make the background picture

4. Now set the frame rate and number of frames in the animation

This is easy. When you load up the animated gif, the software figures out the number of frames in the animation. Just change the the "100" to the number of frames in the animation (which are shown on the time line below) and click REAL TIME. Then, adjust the Frames Per Second (FPS) to make it the speed you want.

Finally, check the section with D on it, and make sure that the "Infinite loop" buton is clicked.

(I'm using the Bold size, 480x320 with the matrix gif I found)

Hey Presto, you should have a basic animation sorted. Now, click the PLAY button to make sure it does what you want If not, fix it, if so, continue

Finally, you need to set the CANVAS size. You will see that your animated background is probably larger than the CANVAS (The white area you can work in and see in the animation - the grey area, you WILL NOT see in the animation....

So, you need to RIGHT CLICK on the image, and this will allow you to select "Canvas Properties" at the bottom, as shown here:

Make sure you click on the TOP LEFT arrow and then tell it how big the area should be: i.e. 480x320 for a BB Bold!

STEP 2 - Saving and importing your new animated background.

So, you're happy with what you have. Now, the next stage is to save 2 formats of what you have created. The first, is the SVG file. This is vital for the animation to work.

So, save you SVG file, via the EXPORT command, and remember where you placed it. Now, open up that file, the xxxxxxxxxxx.svg file, into note pad.

You need to enter the following command to it: repeatCount="indefinite"

This goes in front of the command KEYTIMES=.......

This is in the [animateTransform] tag. As seen in the highlighted blue area here:

Save the file once you've changed it

Now, you need to save in COMPOSER and ANIMATED GIF file - I'm not sure if this is crucial, but I did it this way and it works. Remember the name of the file you saved

STEP 3 - Confirmation

Ok, so at this point, you should have 2 files that you have created, edited and saved. The first is the YOUR_FILE.GIF - The animated gif file you exported and the YOUR_FILE.SVG, which you exported and edited, then saved with the minor amendment we mentioned above.

Now it's time to load them into the main Theme Builder.

STEP4 - Final Stage

Now, we want them into the Theme Builder. So, look at the image below and it should be fairly obvious

Arrow A - This is where you load your new ANIMATED GIF FILE (Background) as mentioned above.

Arrow B - THIS IS IMPORTANT - This is where you load your edited SVG file.

And that's it. Go about the theme building process as you normally do.

Now, for the HARD VERSION!

Welp, it's to late to get into that. If you have a play with the COMPOSER supplied in Plazmic, you'll see on the right there are easier ways to create your own animation from scratch.

If you can master the above fairly quickly, then start REALLY playing. There's a lot of versatility to this software and quite frankly it's BLOODY GOOD!.

I hope this helps people. Leave me comments, thoughts and feedback, and I'll do what I can to assist

Happy Animated Theme Building!

Hi matt,great tutorial, just one thing im having trouble, with the gif animated export svg is fine, but when i click for the canvas it already says 480x360 do i just press ok im using bold 9700, you say click the top arrow, all what comes up is to change colour, im using composer in bb theme builder not the plasmic one, also is that a capital C when i write repeatcount, please help cheers mate.
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Default Re: How to Animate Themes

Thank you very much!
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Default Re: How to Animate Themes

Thanks for the in-depth tutorial. Now, my BB will truly rock!
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Default Re: How to Animate Themes

This tutorial is for those who don’t know or having troubles in installing applications on Blackberry. First you will need to know two basic things which will not be repeated again in this tutorial.

Capture2 how to install blackberry themes
1. How to copy a file to the memory card of a Blackberry?

First connect the BB* using a data cable to the PC. Then accept ‘Enable mass storage mode’ request. Now the memory card will appear in ‘My Computer’ as a mass storage device in your PC.
2. How to access the filemanager in my Blackberry?

To access the filemanager, go to ‘Media’, then press BB button (left to the trackball/trackpad). Choose ‘Explore’. Now you will see the file manager. You can access the media/memory card or phone memory from here. You should be disconnected from PC or disable the mass storage mode in order to access the media card.

You can install three types of files: .jar, .jad and .cod . Let’s look at how to install applications in these formats:
.JAR or Java applications:

Blackberry has limited support for .jar files. It may or may not install on your BB. Because Blackberry do not support some of the modules required by some .apps. So these apps won’t install or simply gives errors like ‘out of memory’. But there are java apps specifically written for Blackberry devices. These will install without any hiccup. Here is how to install a jar file:
1. Copy the jar file to the memory card.

2. In the BB, open the file manager. Browse to where you saved the jar file and click it. Now click ‘Download’. That’s it. It may take a lot of time unless it is a blackberry specific application.

It may or may not install because most of the java apps are not designed for Blackberries especially games. And there are some JAR file which requires a JAD file to install.
.jad or JAD files:

These are not application file but just descriptions about apps in other formats like .jar or .cod which may be hosted on the Internet. You can edit/open it by simply renaming it to .txt. It usually contains descriptions like vendor name, file size, time of creation, modules used etc.

To install it you should have a Data plan (means if have access to Internet using default web browser in your BB, you can install it). Just copy it the memory card using mass storage mode and browse to the JAD file (read about how to do this in previous JAR method). Click the file and then click ‘Download’. The app will be downloaded and installed within a few minutes.
If you don’t have a Data plan, read this:

Rename the file from .jad to .txt and open it using a text editor. Inside it you can find the address (near MIDlet-Jar-URL tag) where the JAR file resides. It will be simply a web URL most of the times but not always. Copy the URL to a web browser in PC and download the JAR file. Then you have to edit the JAD file by opening it with a text editor. Just replace the URL you copied with the name of the app along with extension and save the file with .jad extension. Then copy both files to a folder in the memory card. Access the filemanager in the BB and browse to that folder. Then click the JAD file and click install. It will install that application.
.cod or COD files:

This is the native app file format of BB. All apps that have advanced features will have this format. An application may consist of one or more COD files. You cannot install a Cod file directly. You will need a description file to install it. These description files will have extensions .jad or .alx. Let’s see how to handle these files:

1. To install an app with ALX file you have to use the BB Desktop Manager. Connect the BB to PC and open the Desktop Manager. Then use the App Loader in to install the application.
(Select the ALX file inapp loader)

2. To install an app with JAD description file, copy the whole files to the memory card. Then access the file manager in your BB to open the JAD file and click install/download.

So with JAD you can install an app without using a PC. One more thing to know is that it is possible to manually write a JAD from ALX or vice-verse. But that is for only advanced users as it is a bit difficult. I will consider writing a post about that in future.

That’s all you need to know about installing blackberry application. Hopes this will help a lot of people who are troubled by insufficient information from RIM regarding this topic. Please consider tweeting this post as that will help a lot of people to find this information.

how to install blackberry themes
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Default Re: How to Animate Themes

thanks for sharing
Hi-fxDesign Themes
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Default Re: How to Animate Themes

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