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Default No email icon, unable to get email, device not connected, unable to backup Problems

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Hi all,

I want to thank all of you who posted advice on the above issues, as using it all collectively it solved a combination of problems on my device. Thought I would summarize here for those of you who find yourself in similar situation(s). I wish I'd had time to isolate the fixes, but I was under the gun.

I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 from AT&T. Device is running v4.6.0.304 . I've got several PCs in the house. One is a Mac running an older version of Desktop Manager. The other two are 64bit Windows 7 both running Desktop Manager v5.0.1.28 . Media Manager was installed on both of the Windows PCs. Blackberry Device Manager is v5.0.1.11 on both PCs.

I only have personal email, it's a gmail account. POP is enabled in gmail, and the gmail account is registered on AT&T's BIS. The gmail mobile app is not installed on the device, because I tried it and was getting java errors after the install so I deleted it (some time ago).

Was working fine until it locked up yesterday and I did a battery pull to reset it. When it rebooted the email icon was missing. The orange envelope on the information bar was going nuts, ie the number of messages was going steadily up until it got over 30,000. While that was happening the device was super slow to respond, although if I was patient I could get control intermittently. I have Facebook installed also, and the number of posts on that on the information bar was going up steadily too, until it stopped at 454. I was having trouble getting the menu button on the device to work.

Enterprise Activation said the device was "Not Activated." It was activated before I did the battery pull.

I was also getting a message on the device when I was in messages: uncaught exception application net_rim_bb_messaging_app (188) is not responding.

When I got home I tried to back up the device from one of the Windows PCs. I tried to connect via USB after starting Desktop Manager. Device was present in Blackberry Device Manager. At this point I could connect (see the PIN) in Desktop Manager, but when I tried to back it up I got a message that Desktop Manager was was unable to backup the device.

I went into Media Sync to try to backup the media, and I got a message that an upgrade to Media Manager was available. I clicked yes to install. Install happened. Tried to access device, and it was not connected. I shut down and restarted Desktop Manager and from that point on the device PIN was no longer there in Desktop Manager. Instead of the PIN DM showed None. I went into Device Manager and the device was recognized there just fine.

I went to the other Windows PC and same problem. PIN was not present. When I tried to connect to back it up I got a message unable to connect to device. I was able to run Update Software tho (on Application Loader menu) except after the 30 minute configuration process ran I got an error message that the process failed and I might need to enter a password. There is no password on the device.

I went into the forums and found a bunch of helpful suggestions. I pretty much tried them all. Collectively they worked. Will try to list them in the order I tried them.

1) I started Enterprise Activation on the device with my gmail id and password (Options, Advanced Options, Enterprise Activation.) This ran, but kept choking and retrying.

2) Went into Options, Advanced Options, Host Routing Table on the device and hit Register Now. A network message showed up in gmail (via the web client).

3) Went to AT&T Blackberry Internet Service website from the PC and (re)sent the Service Books -

Note - since I am new here I can't post links yet. Here it is anyway as text, or you can google "ATT Blackberry Register" and find it that way:

4) While doing all that the device continued to lock up as more messages were downloading. After reading a few posts I figured out the message download was causing a storage problem on the device and I needed to address that first. So I went into Gmail settings using the PC (at and disabled POP. I also went back into AT&T Blackberry Internet Service and deleted the email account (gmail). This seemed to stop the flow of additional messages to the device. I got control on the device and was able to delete prior messages. This helped alot. Go into Messages, hit the menu button, and look for Delete Prior. It was the second option on the menu list, under Mark Prior Opened. If you don't want to delete all of your messages page down a few days before you hit the menu button, and the command will delete from the chosen date backward. This DOES NOT cascade the delete to your email server - it only deletes the messages from the device database.

5) I went into Options, Advanced Options, Applications and deleted Facebook. This forced a restart, and when the device came up the facebook posts were apparently cleared from storage too. At this point I could at least navigate on the device without waiting a minute or two to get control between keystrokes.

6) Turned attention back to Desktop Manager, since I really wanted to backup the device. Last backup was over two months ago and I had kid pictures, contacts, etc that I didn't want to lose. I tried a different USB cable no luck.

7) One of the posts suggested going into Task Manager on the PC and stopping the Blackberry Device Manager Process then restarting Desktop Manager and reconnecting. I tried that, but it didn't seem to help. PIN was still not showing up, and I was still getting the unable to connect to the device message.

8) I found a post that recommended regressing the version of Desktop Manager and reconnecting. Given I had a Mac with backlevel DM software on it, I went over to the Mac and connected the device, and viola. Connected. I backed up the device on the Mac successfully, which made me feel a whole lot better. At least I had a backup.

9) One backup in hand I left the Mac and went back to the PCs to get the device to connect on them. One great post recommended uninstalling Desktop Manager and reinstalling. I did that, uninstalling then reinstalling the same release ( v5.0.1.28 ). That solved the problem on the PCs. Both found the device and connected as normal. I backed it up on the PC successfully.

10) Went back into Gmail settings from the PC and (re)enabled POP.

11) Went into AT&T Blackberry Internet Service website (URL above) from the PC and registered the gmail account. While I was there I resent the service books. The email icon came back on the device. Email (gmail) started flowing the the device, and enterprise activation completed. Device was back to normal.

12) Took another backup of the device on the PC. Connected fine and backed up successfully.

So to summarize, looks to me like the failure to connect/no PIN problem and the messages DB corruption problem were not related. Uninstalling and reinstalling Desktop Manager fixed the connect/no PIN problem, and the rest fixed the corruption problem.

The only remnants of the corruption problem is a loss of old messages (sms, phone log) on the device. I can live with that, as it saved me from having to go back to a two month old backup and lose 60 days of everything else.

Tough problems, esp together. Good luck to those that come across them.
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Cliffs Notes?
I h8 txtspk.
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#1 update that device OS, its older thand my gandma

#2 if you only have a personal email, why in the world are you doing Enterprise Activation?
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If the BB works as expected It may not be need any OS update.
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