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Default I'm Back!

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Hello All! I haven't posted in what seems like a couple years, maybe many. But I'm back and hopefully, I'll find the correct area or forum to post in, but I just bought a NEW Blackberry.

I bought the Torch 9800 soon as it came out, how long ago was that, I can't even remember. I still have it, and it still works flawlessly. I had three batteries, now down to two, one just got too old. But I have an external charger so I was never without a fully charged Battery.

I always thought the Torch was the best idea Blackberry ever cam up with for phone design, too bad the Browser on it sucks so bad or I'd still be using it. That's the only reason I bought a new phone. They have recently updated a few websites I frequent, ( for one), such that I couldn't even open them any more.

So now, I am the proud owner of a Blackberry Priv. (Okay, go ahead and laugh). But it is awesome and the very same physical design as the Torch so I love that already. And the fact that it is an Android instead of a Blackberry OS, well, that's what brings me here.

I understand it comes with free 24 hour tech support for a year. What I can't figure out is how I'm suppose to talk on the ting and work on it at the same time. My carrier is AT&T and with the Torch, I was able to talk on it and perform other functions as well at the same time. Don't know about the Priv yet. Just downloaded the PDF last night and started reading. Already learned a lot but have much reading to do.

I hope somebody here has one and a little experience. So far, the biggest issue I have is that I'm not really a Google fan. In fact, my default search on my lappys is "". So I'm not real thrilled about my contacts all of a sudden being 'online' instead of only on my phone and completely inaccessible to the Internet. Same with my calendar. I have tons of appointments and birthdays and personal information on so many people and short of going through it one by one and retyping all that into a Google calendar, I was wondering if there was an Android app that would place a local, (phone only) calendar on my Priv that would be secure and unavailable to any other apps that try to look at your data.

I kept a lot of sensitive information on my Torch because it was locked and I felt secure. So a small text file in the MemoPad with a number of frequently used passwords wasn't an issue. I am WAY too scared to do that on this Priv. So I am learning to use that Password Keeper. But that still leaves me with retyping a lot of information in order to transfer it over. Seems there is no easy way to do that from the AT&T people I've talked to so far.

I started out hating this new phone for the first couple days but I knew that was temporary and I will soon love it. Like anything, change is necessary sometimes and change can be good.

Soon as I have a specific question, I will look for the right forum. Until then, any suggestions for apps that may be more local or what I mean by that, inaccessible to Google, I would love to know about them.

Thank you all for reading this far.

Sincerely, David
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