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Default Re: How can I restore 9780 backup data to my new Q10?

Thank you very much for explaining this to me. I know that I can access my work e-mail using the BlackBerry Q10 browser, essentially like webmail of old, but it looks terrible. I had the same problem with iPhone, but solved it by buying an app, Mail+, which used my owa settings to access the account, and then behaved like a separate mail app on the phone (i.e it wasn't integrated with my other iPhone mail) -- that worked fine.

If there were a BB10 app that did the same thing I would definitely buy it -- although I think it's a bit rich of BlackBerry not to provide it and integrate it with their new phone, given that there was a way to get owa mail using the previous OS -- but I haven't been able to find one. Does anyone know of one?

The other thing I'm trying to do is get an Android app that does the same thing, and sideload it onto my Q10 to see if that works. But...I can't find one that is free, and while I would be happy to buy one, I'm worried that even if I get the apk, convert it to a bar file, sideload it and run it, it might need an active Google Play account on the device to tell it I have paid and therefore to function.

Is it possible to get a Google Play account running on a BB10 device, or is there some other way to run a paid-for Android app on a Q10?

Do people think I'm on the right track with this?!
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