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Default Re: How can I restore 9780 backup data to my new Q10?

Thank you very much for this -- I'll try it later.

In the meantime, what I did was get a very old Curve, one where the screen was broken but was apparently working apart from that, and restored the 9780 backup onto it, then used that 'working' device to switch devices to the Q10 on BB Link.

That worked...sort of. It transferred all my contacts, which is great, but it wouldn't transfer my work e-mail settings, and I have no way to get those. As far as I can gather, BB10 has something new with its mail that means it no longer supports outlook web access, or it does but you have to get the settings from your IT department. In my case the IT dept doesn't want to 'support' BB so they won't tell me what the settings are, and unlike my 9780, my Q10 can't figure it out.

This is a deal-breaker as far as I'm concerned, and I wish I'd known about ti before I'd bought the phone. The one thing I would expect BlackBerry to be able to do is e-mail, and I'd expect it to get better, not worse, with each new software. If I can't figure out a way to get my work e-mail on the phone (apart from through the browser), and no one brings out an app for BB to access owa the way they have for iPhone and Android...I'm actually going to have to downgrade to a Curve!

Would anyone know of a solution? Or, if not, would anyone know which is the best Blackberry where the e-mail settings WILL transfer from my 9780 backup? The 9790 uses OS 7 -- will that import my settings from a backup? (I just don't want to waste another $150 on a 9790 and then discover it doesn't do the job either!)

P.S. I've thought about sideloading an Android app that accesses owa, but they are all paid-for apps (as far as I know), so without a live Google Play account on the device I'm not sure they'll work.
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