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Default Re: BES5 to 10 in a small environment, frustrations...

Originally Posted by nobody7290 View Post
BES 4.x will not run on your SBS2011 box. If you have a mixed environment with BES5 + BES10 handhelds, then you have to keep running a BES5 server.

If you just inst all a new BESx Express V5, erase all devices, and, activate, everyhing will be fine, but, all device data will be lost (besides the Exchange stuff). If this does not hurt you, go on.

But If you only have one user (guess), which later will be on BES10, why do you want to install BES5 anyway ?
Install the new SBS2011 box, (virtualized or not), migrate your Exchange data from 2003 to 2011, and install BES10.
I've got a total of 2 BB users. I've got 2 questions.

1. you mention "all device data will be lost" Exactly what is the device data that will be lost? if we are talking about all of the device settings and apps (that would be backed up), than I don't believe that's a problem. I can do BB device backup on desktop manager. if it's something else, than please explain.

2. Won't this data once again be backed up once I activate the BB's on the new Besx5 installation and then again when I finally get them to BES10?

I'm going through all of this because I would like to upgrade my server to SBS 2011, migrate my exchange to the new server, NOT have to go out in the middle of the server migration and get 2 new BB10 phones and deal with all the issues of new phones, new features etc. NOT have to commit to BES10 working right after a hefty server migration which will bring it's own challenges not only with the server, but with the desktops that come along with it. But to just keep going on our 9810 phones. Then, allow me to install BES 10 and migrate my phone to a BB10 phone and work out any bugs, then migrate the boss.

You see, in our environment, even with just 2 phones, the loss of email on the phone is about as bad as it gets. Just getting the window to allow for the upgrade 6+ hours will be difficult. These phones and their function really are the lifeblood of our business. I can't afford to have any missteps here and things have to go smoothly.

So, if BESx5 will run along side of BB10 on the SBS2011 server once I migrate from SBS2003, than I'll do that. This way, I don't have to face as many potential problems (although SBS2011 and BESx have a handful of their own). Then I can upgrade the phones once the new server is stable and I'm never committed to everything getting upgraded all at once. Try to spread out the pain as far as possible. it's really no fun doing this basically without support, on a weekend and not a lot of easy ways to go backwards if something doesn't work. I will say, I very much appreciate all the help I get from message boards and thank everyone who contributes. You'll find that I will contribute where I can on topics that I have worthy knowledge of.

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