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Default Re: BES5 to 10 in a small environment, frustrations...

Originally Posted by knottyrope View Post
are you running BPS 4.1.4 or full BES 4? i ask because you can get full BES 5 for free if on full BES.

Transporter can be used to move users or look at these options

BES/SBE/BPS 4.x upgrade options to BES Express 5.0 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums
I'm running 4.1.4 but I have a few questions.

I sounds like I could (after I upgrade my SBS server to the 2011 version, run BES Express 5.0.5 AND BES 10 on the same box until I've upgraded both blackberries to 10. This might only be a few weeks if everything goes well. My boss saw the Q10 today and is getting over his trackball obsession.

I've read a few horror stories about getting BES express to run on SBS 2011 but there seemed to be work around.

But here is my real question:

Why would I need to try and "move" the BES users over? We don't use policies or anything like that, we just synch our email, cal, notes. I always figured when we went to a new BES it would be a fresh start. I've always had sync errors in the 4.1.4 versions and really wanted to get away from the old stuff. What am I missing about this? Can't I just walk away from the old BES and start fresh with new activations and grab the 30 days of email etc? I've always wondered why I would want to try and migrate BES?

So, based on that, can't I just install the free BESX5 and start fresh or did it require me to have a full version pervious?

This is an awful lot of work just for 2 BB's, considering this is triggering a server upgrade (long overdue), and as a result, new desktops with win 7, which is triggering new software (our contact manager) and MS Office. While I am at it, our VPN Router/Gateways are very old and in need of upgrade. I'm figuring this upgrade will cost around 10K for hardware and software and then my time on top. Pretty hefty just because I want a new flashy phone

Thanks for all your help and suggestions. It's really helped me work my way through all of the pitfalls.

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