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Default Re: BES5 to 10 in a small environment, frustrations...

I think I asked this in my previous post, but what if I upgraded to BES 5.0.4, wouldn't that run on a server in addition to BES 10? It shows as supported in the matrix. Wouldn't that solve my problem? I remember a while ago I registered for a license for the newer software (can't remember what version), express? but never installed it. Someplace I have a hardcopy of the license.

I'm sure from your point of view virtualization makes absolute sense. I build homes, not administer servers. Back when I was in IT we were at the very beginning of virtualization and I did get a little exposure to it, but not nearly enough to feel anywhere comfortable enough to consider running my small office environment on it. I could only imagine the knowledge you guys have that are on top of present day virt, but alas, I am not. One server, one hardware, that's the way it needs to be for me in this very small environment. I'll figure out a way to get upgraded and deal with the BB version issues. Right now my boss is on a kick where he won't give up his trackball on his 9800 and makes fun of everyone walking around swiping and gesturing. I have to say, he can really tear on his 9800 one handed. Don't believe that's very easy on any modern gesture phone. I keep telling him he's going to have to move forward. Right now that might be a bigger problem than any server version I'm running.
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