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Default Re: BES5 to 10 in a small environment, frustrations...

Originally Posted by nobody7290 View Post
If you look into the bes compatibility matrix, you see that running a BES4.1 is very unsupported on a Server 2008R2x64. Since you now plan to decomission the SBS2003, and, finally, there will no use for the BES4, why not use the grace period of 21 days which microsoft allows, to run both old an new SBS boxes in parallel ?

I still recommend to go for a virtualized environment consisting of a Server 2008R2 Standard as Hypervisor + SBS2011, and a second instance of 2008R2 for the BES10, or Server 2012/2008R2 as Hypervisor + SBS2003 plus a second instance of 2008R2 for the BES.
Thanks for the reply. In order to het virtualization capabilities I believe I must use the essentials versions which are 1,500 dollars more than the STD versions. That's just too expensive for my 4 user environment.

The grace period is interesting

What about upgrading to one of the BES express versions. Are they supported on the newer 64bit servers? I was going to upgrade a while back but never did.

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