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Default AVI from PC to BB Bold 9000

Hi, I have successfully paired my BB Bold 9000 to my computer via IOtech micro USB. I also have sucessfully transfered pictures, audio, text files and a 12 Mb program file between the two. I have sent a 444.5 Mb AVI file to my computer from my BB, I have even connected my BlackBerry smartphone as a Bluetooth IP Modem.
My problem started when I tried to transfer an AVI file to my BB from the computer. The file size is approximately 300-500 Mb, I have 858.9 Mb of free space in my Device Memory and 6.1 Gb of free space on my Media Card. When I try to transfer the file I get the error: The file transfer was not successful. Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.
I understand even if I do get this to work it is going to take a long time to transfer, and it would be more effecient to move the files via USB, but I dont care, I plan on transfering while I sleep.
When on my phone I go to Settings->Options->Memory: Media Card Support is ON, Encryption Mode is NONE, Mass Storage Support is ON, and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected is YES.
Is there a size restriction on file transfer to the Bold? Is there a software solution?

Thx n adv,

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