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I did the same thing a few years ago. Bought the curve 8320 and jumped right in and I went true allota bb's. His curiosity brought him here so he wants to explore. So let him I would say. I survived and now I know allot of tbe blackberry to tell you that there could go almost go nothing wrong with loading to the 6.0 if your not familiar with the phone. But the first time is always different and makes you think that something is wrong but its not ;).

So yes, I would tell him to load that mother shot your mouth on his BoLd Nine! Thousant! Seven! Hundred! Baby.

And I quote myself: "Just remember that its a leaked version and it has some buggs and some apps might not work propperly."

Just read the instructions good. And I quote myself again "Only the Tmobile blackberry's need some attention cause they need to remove 2 files before upgrading." And do a battery pull when the OS is loaded.

I would give somebody bad advice when I find him on the streets and he is a noob and doesn't know anything about computers and tell him to upgrade his phone to OS6.0 That would be bad advice. But when somebody is looking for it he's ready my friend.

I don't think your first time loading an OS on a phone was when you where experienced. I think you thought your phone would die ;). I can keep on winking bro but I only work with beta's.

Holla at ya boy Wink Wink winker lol..
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