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Originally Posted by racs View Post
Its funny how people react on answers of others. Just install it and do like u just got a new phone. Like when I would switch to let's say a samsung I have to get used to the new operating system also.

The upgrade go's like every other update and if your new, just read the instructions good everything is covered. Its easy to do. Only the Tmobile blackberry's need some attention cause they need to remove 2 files before upgrading.

As for the Google Talk I just downloaded it and it works. Do a battery pull please and try again.

Just remember that its a leaked version and it has some buggs and some apps might not work propperly.

Just do it Blackberry ;).

And I'm also a Tmobile user and use the leaked OS6.0
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It's actually called a "word to the wise is sufficient". The OP is brand new to the 9700, doesn't even know phone yet, and you're actually recommending him try a buggy beta OS? I wouldn't call that good advise.
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