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Default Re: Why do you still use a BlackBerry?

@tsac, the iPhone reacts to a worn battery by slowing down instead of the battery not lasting as long. Some users complain about that, but it seems more sensible than overheating or crashing.

The iPhone series is a great extension to a MacBook: For a time I effectively lived in a research library silently holding sms conversations directly from my MacBook connected to a muted iPhone via bluetooth. I just think the iPhone series sucks as a stand-alone smartphone.

Originally Posted by tsac
It is estimated better that 70 percent of users will upgrade when their phone has problems like a battery that does not last long. my last replacement battery cost $5. A lot less than a new phone
A lot of after-market batteries are fake with lower capacity and shorter lifespan. Those batteries can damage brand reputations. If i were a cellphone maker, I would do everything I can to ensure those fake batteries cannot be used in my phones.

That is not to say batteries should not be replaceable. HTC used to sell aftermarket batteries direct to consumers and those were very expensive - maybe that is the true price of a genuine battery? The fake copies were a lot cheaper so selling direct does not solve the problem.

I think there needs to be hardware signature so that the phone can display the make/source/age of the battery; HP do something like that for ink cartridges!

Originally Posted by tsac
google play store is they wont even let a user download the app unless the phone meets their spec's. A lot of apps were downloaded before and tried on phones and the users found a way make them work.
Is there scope for an Abandonware site?

Originally Posted by tsac
The release date for the Z10 was 2013 and your Q20 was 2014 so it may be next.
I bought the Q20 after first trying a KeyOne. I knowingly paid double the market rate of a Q20 because I do not care about the price, I do not care that its old, and I just want to type fast.

BlackBerry tried many different key designs, and they did a great job designing their upmarket keyboard (first seen on the 8800 and last seen on the Q20). Although I think the smaller 8800 proportions might be faster, this keyboard is great for me in my current role where I type at conferences and type while commuting.

As my account of the iPhone4 above shows, my need for a keyboard (and a smartphone) can change. In another chapter of my life all I really wanted was a phone with hardware GPS.
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