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Default Re: Trump

Actually I think the Republicans have a mandate. The question if they can do anything to move forward and fix some of the issues from the current administration while not making things worse.

For a while yesterday I wondered what would have happened if Clinton would have won with the minimum required electoral college votes. She would not have had a mandate and things would have been interesting.

This morning at work the view has been that Obama was defeated as much as Clinton when you consider the House and Senate are now solid Republican. I wonder what Bernie actually thinks about all this. In the end he helped defeat Clinton too.

Looking at our history there have been some pretty crooked and unqualified people elected. Some of them rose above their backgrounds and did a decent job under the circumstances. I am thinking Truman here. Also I was thinking about the 1948 election yesterday where newspapers had declared Dewey had been elected. Sort of a interesting comparison with current events.
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