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Default Confirm my understanding please - Wifi v. Mobile Network

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OK, I'll try to keep this brief as possible - something I'm not always good at.
I'm going to Ireland in a few days, and my family bought my an int'l SIM so I can call home and my daughter while I'm there. But, like most BlackBerry owners, I want more than making a 5 minute call once a day. I am sporting a Curve 8320, and have access to WiFi. Here's what I've learned/confirmed from searching the boards and my own experimentation:

- If i leave the SIM out, I get access to WiFi, but only for the browser - no email, no maps, no nothing
- If I put the SIM in, connect to the mobile network, and WiFi, then go into "Manage Connections" and disable the Mobile Network, I can still perform flawless via WiFi - I can make calls, SMS, push email, etc. (My understanding is that's it necessary to at least initially connect to the mobile network and confirm your setting, or something, with your carrier before you can use the WiFi to call, etc.)

Obviously, I don't want to use the pre-paid time, or charge things to my TMo account (my mother's actually) if I don't have to. So here's what I want to confirm, if anyone can: if I do this with my TMo SIM while I'm in Ireland - put it in, connect, then turn off the Mobile Network, using just the WiFi - will this allow me to effectively use the internet for my phone, and keep charges off my bill?


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