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Being that I used to work for Sprint, believe it or not I've ran into porting problems and activation problems MANY MANY times.

It's very frustrating for the customer and the store rep cause it makes you seem like you dunno what your doing even porting is something we actually don't do in the store, we just call the porting department and submit a request and after that its in the hands of the rep and hopefully he knows what he's doing.

But, your move from nextel to sprint SHOULD have been much easier.

It's some true, somewhat false that you can't port a sprint number into and exisiting sprint number. You actually can, what you can't do is port within the same billing system.

Basically, before they merged, there were Nextel, and there was Sprint (DUH). Two different technologies, two different types of phones iDEN (nextel) and cdma (sprint), two different billing systems. Nextel's system is called Ensamble, Sprint is called P2K (billing systems). After they merged, they decieded to use Ensamble because it made more sense, so slowly they are trying to move everyone over into ensamble. Both systems are still available but the initial goal is to get over everyone into ensamble. Ensamble just isn't 100% supportive of all type of "sprint" accounts (as in a CDMA device) yet as in individual, business, coorporate, coorporate individual, government etc etc. Ensamble is being upgraded to support "sprint" customers (cdma devices), and its happening. P2K will be gone and only CDMA devices can be on P2K. Hope it makes sense so far. But if we can, every new customer that walks in, we are supposed to create them in ensamble if their account type is support in ensamble. You can port from one billing system to the other, however you cannot port within the same billing system.

What do I mean by that? For example, you started off in Nextel so your obviously in Ensemble. Now if you walked into a sprint/nextel store and told them you want a blackberry 8830e (CDMA device). What they should have done was asked if you wanted to keep your number and realized you have Nextel. Because it is the same company, it would have been as simple as an "upgrade" as in everyting stays the same, your account number, the bill you get will be the same as before, basically seemless UNLESS your existing account type (or account type your moving too) doesn't support a CDMA device in ensamble. Basically there would be no need to create a new "sprint" number and do a port, all it really would be would be an equipmet change (and service swap).

However if the account type you wanted to switch to wasn't support with the device. Then they would have to go ahead and create you a "new" (another) account in the P2K system (because it would supported it). That is where they would have created a new sprint number on your new cdma device any then perform the port (because you can only port in from a different billing system).

I hope that made sense, and if it sounded like what happened to you, then maybe i've provided you enough information to correct your problem. Basically cancel your new sprint line, and stick with your current number on nextel (start at step one). Go into a store and make sure they know they are doing, either upgrading you to the CDMA blackberry (if its possible with your account) or create you in the P2K system and them PORT.

If thats not the case, then it could a good chance a rep over the phone REALLY REALLY messed up. In that case your going to have to drill the phones till you get a smart person. Trust me as owning a sprint store, it was frustrating, I've had customers who didn't have their phone work for 5 days only beacuse someone over the phone on the technically side forgot to "activate" or "push" a button in some system of theirs. Its rediculous, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

Good look with your problem! Hopefully you get it done soon. I know what your facing.

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