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Originally Posted by mo joe View Post
False, you can use the native sms software on the blackberry and respond to texts using your google voice nubmer. When you receive texts on your google voice number they should appear as coming from a 406-xxx-xxxx number. This is a unique number that is assigned to each phone number that texts you. All you have to do is add the 406 number to the contact that is sending you. now when you call or text the 406 number it will send from your google voice number. Very cool stuff. You can read more about it and speculation about what else may be possible at:
The Power of 406 - Google Voice Help
I figured out after I posted this that you can hit "reply" to the 406 numbers that come in. (And thanks for the link, BTW.) I still don't like that the Google Voice options aren't integrated with the BB software's menus. From the Messages app, you can't select "Reply using Google Voice" for a message. Which means extra steps when replying via GV to messages that weren't sent through GV originally.

Again, I'm looking forward to the next release of this software, and am hoping there's better integration with BB messaging.
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