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Default Java Application OTA Push Using Groups

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Iím working with the Blackberry and BES solution and Iím having some difficulty with pushing out a bespoke Java application using groups. Iím trying to roll the application to a Blackberry 8900 as a test device.

Iíve setup the following individual groups:

1. A group with a policy that does not allow software downloads.
2. A group with a policy that does allow software downloads.
3. A group with the software configuration.

I then add the user to the software download policy group and the software configuration group and the new policy is applied and the software downloads successfully and works. I then either assign the user to the non-download policy group or change the policy in the group to the one that doesn't allow downloads. With both approaches, the application is removed from the device, even though the user is still in the software configuration group and I haven't changed that.

So my problem is that once the application is downloaded, if I move the user to another policy group or change the details of any group the user belongs to, BES removes the application from the device. From what I can see, this means that I canít deploy an application using a group because if anyone needs to make changes to the groups that a user belongs to, or the user needs to belong to a new group, the application will be removed.

The only method Iíve found to consistently retain the application on the device is to apply the software configuration directly to the user. Is this true, or have I missed something?

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