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Originally Posted by juroku View Post
Well I for one appreciate the explanation on the Enterprise deal. I had no issues porting my number from ATT to Sprint, but I am having issues with tethering. I have been told that this new system may be part of the issue. It seems the phones on the P2K do not have the issues, it is a new 8830. Now I at least have some idea of what that means. I tend to think it is more of an issue than the last CSR I talked to thought as well.

Thanks again for the explanation.
You shouldn't have that problem. i've activated many bbs in Ensamble and phone as modem work. My guess is that your missing the PAM sock. Have you tried calling technical support?

Yes the "new" sprint system Ensamble is somewhat of the problem because people dunno how to use it. Its far more advance but not simple in a way cause you can do so much. P2K was pretty straight forward, like point and click. You can't mess up unless its called in. Whats a good anology, basically in P2K, you create a new customer, everything is set up and everything works, when you hit done, its literally done, voicemail is rolled in, nights and weekends is rolled it, its idiot proof and you can't make a mistake. Ensamble however, you create a new customer, you must add his minutes, his caller ID, add his voicemail, add him blackberry data, then add phone as modem, etc etc. Many things can go wrong for people not checking the correct things.