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Originally Posted by lovescakemix View Post
i hate that people have so many problems with it that i have never encountered.
makes me seem like a ignorant fanboi. hahahaha :p
Funny, I was thinking the same exact thing when reading this title.

Besides that I hate the fact that once the 9650 Tour (yes I said tour) comes out, it will have double the memory (512 vs 256) of onboard memory.


I guess that just makes me more envious of the next version bold, whatever that is.

Oh and knowing the fact that those 9650 owners will still have to deal with that pesky charging port placement puts a little light into my situation lol

Ok, now seriously. Do you like or love your 8900???? If you do, then you will like the 9700 even more. Its better in ever aspect. I came from the 8900 after having it for a little over 6 months. Why did I upgrade? Cause I could, and my GF needed a new blackberry, so upgrade and give her my 8900. Keep in mind, I had NOOOO issues whatsoever with my 8900, not even trackball issues.

What does the 9700 have over the 8900? Comparing the two, screen is the same, camera is the same 3.2mp with flash, same amount of onboard memory. Difference is the processor bold's 624mhz vs 8900's 524mhz, bold's trackpad vs 8900's trackball, Bold OS 5.0 vs 8900 4.6, bold style keyboard vs curve style keyboard, and gain 3G with the 9700.

Essentially the bold is faster (speed processor wise), you will notice this! Trackpad vs trackball,whether you had issues with the track ball or not, you will appreciate the trackpad, plus peace of mind that you prob won't have issues with it. And you get 3G data, which you can argue if its faster than EDGE or not, which for me, I really wasn't sold on 3G and don't care about DATA/BROWSING Speeds. However, with data, you can be on a phone call and use data (browse web, BBM, instant messaging) at the same time! This was huge for me.

OS is no biggie, I do like 5.0 better, but it ain't a selling point, you can still put 5.0 on the 8900 if you want so its not a swing factor for me. The only thing I was reserved about was the keyboard, since I never liked the 9000 bold keyboard or the 8800 keyboard. The 9700 keyboard took NO absolutely no adjustments for me. Neither did the trackpad, no adjustments, settings are actually still the same too.

I had absolutely NO problems with the 8900. I loved it. When I got the 9700, it was like night and day. The 9700 is that much quicker, the trackball seems so archaic now, and 3G, I might be able to go without, but man its so nice being able to receive instant messages while on the phone!!!!

I wouldn't be able to go back to the 8900. Whenever I use one or the tour, it just seems so friggin' slow.

Oh and the 9700 look really grew on me. I liked the 8900 looks better at first, but now that the 9700 has grown on me, it just seems more "classier."

If your curious my personal BB progression has been 8700->8320->8900->9700

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