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Vodafone replace the Torch yesterday, but left me with the old battery. Fully charged at 1pm dead at 11pm. Only took a single call of 6mins; switched to 2G in a cell with excellent signal; didnt access media on SD card; didnt play any music.

I used the transfer facility so there are probably a couple of apps on there which may not be OS 6 compatable - spotted someone's suggestion of checking the CPU usage.
On device go to Options, Device, Application Management.

I'm sure that Blackberry should have some benchmark stats on battery life with specific usage for the Torch before it was released - anyone have access to this information?

Vodafone have offered a new battery next to see if it takes it back to what it was for the first couple of days - if not the afraid that the Torch is gonna be sent back and swapped for the Bold ;o(

To me battery life is one of the most important features - I'd heard BB had got it right with this one... Seems not.

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