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Default Re: Blackberry Classic stays connected to network but loses internet access

Thanks again for the replies and comments. Thanks also to knottyrope for joining the conversation.

Very quickly to all of you, what is the 20/40 network setting that knottyrope is talking about. Again, I have a Blackberry Classic running BB OS 10.3.3... which is not provisioned(no sim card). I googled 20/40 network settings and found nothing. I did find some articles about 2G/4G but that seems to apply to using mobile networks with a phone that is provisioned.

Back to the ongoing discussion. aiHarkness, there is no IT policy on either phone. I followed the instructions on the links you provided(much appreciated) and found no policies.

At the gym this afternoon, I opened the google speed test website on the original phone and it died before completing even one test. I verified that I was still connected to the network and then tried a PIN message to aiHarkness. At first the message had a series of vertical bars beside it(similar to the wireless symbol). Later I saw the bars had changed to a red circle with a horizontal white bar inside it. I also saw a message below the PIN message saying that it appeared that the network I was connected to had limited internet and advised me to connect to another network. (When I got home, that message was gone, without me deleting it or removing it.) I then I opened the advanced wireless settings and verified my connection. I also ran ping commands to the network gateway(local router)(successful, no lost packets) and then to the google website(unreachable, unsuccessful and all lost). I then tried to ping the DNS server and that was also unsuccessful - all packets lost. Unlike my home network, where my router/gateway acts as my DNS server, the DNS server at the gym is the internet provider DNS. I would have expected to see the same DNS server at home because I have the same internet provider as the gym. In fact, I'm sure I've seen that same DNS IP address somewhere at home, possibly in a traceroute.
Because I was confused by the limited internet message, I got the Samsung tablet out of my locker and tried it - all was good, no issues at all, able to browse and stream music from various sites.
The other Blackberry phone(the loaner) was also disappointing. The first connection ran for nearly 10 minutes before I encountered the internet lost problem. Turning wireless off and then back on got the phone to work for another 5-10 minutes. After that it was just like the original phone - internet would be lost within moments of connecting to the network. This performance was similar to the original phone which worked for nearly an hour the first time I used it but then got increasing worse.
I don't understand why the phones work in the beginning but then decline in subsequent uses/connections. If there was a communications issue, I would expect to see it as clearly at the start as I would in subsequent uses. It's almost like something within the phone is gradually reducing and limiting the internet connection.
I also spoke to the gym manager who told me that "all kinds of phones" are being used. She gets questions about how to connect but never hears of any issues otherwise. She thinks some of the people were using Blackberry phones but has no specific info on that.
One question comes to mind there a setting somewhere in the Blackberry that tells it to go to some Blackberry server, instead of the local DNS server, and that "Blackberry DNS Server" is limiting the internet?
All I can think of now is to try an older version of the Blackberry OS. I've seen posts on various sites that say once you are at 10.3.2 or higher, you cannot go back to an older version. Is there any point in trying this and, if there is, how far back can I go. I'm not sure of how Blackberry designates major revisions - I'd like to back to a version prior to the current major revision
Tsac, if there is some desire on the part of Blackberry to force users to get new phones, why not just stop rolling out updates to the OS for the old phones? If people stopped getting updates and new features, it would motivate them to get another phone.

Again, I appreciate the time and effort all of you are putting into this issue.
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