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Default Re: Blackberry Classic stays connected to network but loses internet access

The description (works as expected at home, but not at gym) suggests to me the problem is not the device.

Before doing anything more extreme, I would have tried first just turning wifi off and then turning it back on.

By the way, in BlackBerry terminology, a hard reset on devices with a removable battery is removing the battery while the device is turned on, and then putting the battery back after 30 seconds. I would have tried that second.

If the first two steps didn't solve the issue, I would have then deleted the wifi profile, performed a hard reset (as described in the paragraph above) and then added the wifi network again.

As far as the actual problem, who knows. I doubt it was the device, per se, and likely a reset to factory settings or os reload was unnecessary. My guess is either corrupt profile or an issue with the gym wifi network. Maybe the gym wifi network capacity is insufficient---that is what being connected but no throughput suggests to me.
- Ira

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