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Originally Posted by RemyJ View Post
Yeah, I saw you guys had an earthquake this morning. Hope everything's OK.

I rely on Google to get cell site location for GSM networks so the issue is probably Google just doesn't have the location in it's database.

Remy OK... 3 items...

1) are my settings OK ??? -- I'm flying blind and SOLO here...
2) but I do not know if Goggle has the database for the Panama (4 operators)
3) this is what I get... where I'm now... 1 tower place (Iguess):

2009 07 04 20:05:23
802 1 2245 3, 216
not available
then all the GPS INFO comes up the only thing that worries me is the "Unassiste GPS (term)" item.... and Cell Site is empty/blank/nada...

so my question is... [look #1]

and yes... the quate was felt all over in Panama .... no casualties just minor material loss... THANKS for looking this up.

Mister E
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