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Originally Posted by dmead View Post
and flying horses and sea monsters were mentioned in greek and roman texts.

Ok, why couldnt these be the dinosaurs? Everything was plush and green during the time of adam and eve right up until the flood. I believe there was still earth exposed during that time and this is where they were pushed back to the ones who didnt die.
Reptiles never quit growing there surroundings usally kill them first whether it be diet, enviroment or whatever.

I am not saying science isn't great and that there are things I can't explain.

But with simple geometry I can make an elephant climb a tree, but we all know its not really possible, right?

So I have explained my theory please tell me how man got here with out being created by the all mighty?

If apes have evolved into humans why don't we still have half ape half man things running around?
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