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Originally Posted by CChoi83
I just got my E61 today and I must say it is sexy sexy sexy... except that it doesn't ship with BB software. It was supposed to or so I hear. The software is not up yet on Nokia's site and it will be a few weeks. That's what the site states. I have to tell you guys though, the keyboard is very very nice. It's got a greater keystoke pitch and it's not hard. The keys are actually rubberized and they feel a bit "smushy". Interface is very nice. Screen is AMAZING. The casing is magnesium alloy. I'm playing around with it as it's menu's and options are countless. Actually had to open up the manual for this one. I will keep everyone up to date on BB Connect. BTW, what is this about it not being compatible with BES? Rubbish! I haven't heard anything like that.

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Have you tried BB Connect at,0,81218,0.html