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Default Re: HOWTO: Use BlackBerry on Generic NON-BlackBerry Data Plan

This Q&A contains bad advice.

BB Browser never needed a BB data plan. What it needed was correct ISP APN settings embedded into BBOS. Generic data plan users had to modify the APN settings in a text file on their PC, and upload the edit to the BB over USB cable as part of an OS update (there was a BB desktop application for this). Of course modifying the settings were unsupported but they worked (for me, and I was following an online tutorial). Opera Mini still did a better job of rendering webpages but it could not download files. I think my BBOS4.x phones were setup to receive email in the same way, but I was using the Gmail app for other reasons.

BBM has not needed a BB data plan since it was ported to Android (i.e. made available to non-BB phones).

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