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I think 5 minutes is too late for a sucessful wireless activation. Maybe if your system uses a delaying feature to reduce spam, you could tweak your antispam system to immediately accept all mail from *

Wireless activation AFAIK works like this:
1. you set a password
2. The user enters the email and password on the device
3. the BB sends the activation message to rim
4. rim sends an activation mail to the users email
5. The BES picks up the email and checks it against the password
6. if the password matches, the BES begins communication with the device via the relay of rim's servers and does the activation

But: The device does not wait endlessly for the activation. After X Minutes it aborts the activation.
If the mail arrives later, the Server will try to communicate with the BB, but then, activation is already aborted.

If your antispam software is able to learn automatically, you would be sucessful at the next try, but if not, it will not work.

Yes, if you make the activation with USB, this should work immediately, if everything else is setup ok.

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