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Default Re: Creating and Editing Text Files in FILES App

If you can use TextEditHD then that is the best solution. You don't need the workaround.

For what it's worth, I just tested on BB10 using a text file I had created and saved with TextEditHD. I opened it in Docs to Go, edited it, and saved it under a different name as a txt file (manually adding .txt as the extension). I then opened the modified file using TextEditHD to test and see if it worked. It does work. I believe the issue is Docs to go will only save as a text file if the original file opened in Docs to Go is a text file. Yes, Docs to Go doesn't support text files in the sense that you can't *create* a text file in Docs to Go, but you can open, edit, and save a text file--just cannot create it from scratch in Docs to Go.
- Ira
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