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Originally Posted by evilberry
I loaded the Device Simulator and seems that I can't connect to the internet. Do I connect the blackberrry to my computer ? Do I need any special internet software to connect the simulator to the web? I have dsl.
There is no need to connect your phone until you want to install the apps to your phone.

1) Make sure you have the Sun JDK 5.0. There is a link to it in the last post in the thread about the simulator----> Take the 8100 for a test! 8100 FULL Device Simulator released. - RIM Blackberry Forums -

2) Make sure you have the Email and MDS Services Simulator Package as well as the Device or Handheld Simulator. It is in the same list as the simulators which can be found by clicking on the link in step one.

3) Run the MDS Simulator and leave it alone or minimize it.

4) Run the Device Simulator and browse the internet.

Good luck