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Originally Posted by sorayathomas View Post
When you say "doesn't show up in the simulator" - do you mean you can't find the app icon, or that when you run it nothing happens?
There's no icon. I thought that maybe I was just overlooking the icon--so I went in to the project properties and turned on "Auto Run at Startup". It still doesn't run.

Originally Posted by sorayathomas View Post
One other idea is to switch simulators Run -> Run Configurations... -> Simulator tab -> Profile Dropdown: choose something different -> Apply,Run
I tried letting it use "default"--which when it loaded was an 8300--and was greeted with a new error message dialog:

Title = "API Failure (DE372)"
Message = "API Mismatch Apps: 115, OS: 96.0)"

And the simulator shuts down.

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