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Originally Posted by N8DBB
I am in the process of getting tons of themes together from different sources in order to make a place that will have the largest number of blackberry themes ever. If you don't mind, send me your themes (continue to post them here also, because it may take me 2 weeks before I can get it up and running). Please, do not send any themes that are copywritten, because they will be for free distribution.
I am also going to load them onto a server that will NOT time out like rapidfile does. I notice there are quite a few themes that are no longer avaliable there because they have timed out.
Along with your theme, please include your email address and/or name so that I may credit the themes to you, and let me know if you are interested in making specialized themes for people that would request them.


Email themes to [email address]

I have 396 themes for 71xx, 72xx and 8700 will that be enough?
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