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Default Re: Looking for new cellphone provider instead of AT&T

AT&T does allow you to use your own phone, even if not AT&T brand, and of course compatible with AT&T bands. Correct? T-Mobile is the same. So far as I know, Sprint and Verizon still only allow their devices on their network. I'm totally unfamiliar with MVNO services.

On BlackBerry, nowadays one needs to distinguish between the models running BlackBerry's flavor of Android, and the BlackBerry BB10 and BBOS models. I don't pay attention to the Android models, but I know T-Mobile doesn't sell them. T-Mobile, as with the others, is only selling Android and iOS devices, but no the BlackBerry Andriod. But I use a BlackBerry Passport on T-Mobile and my experience has been fine.

The problem with recommending a carrier is Your Mileage May Vary is absolutely true. I have been very happy with T-Mobile, and I travel a lot. I make allowances for poor signal in some buildings, and occasional lack of coverage in rural areas. But others in different locations or whatever won't tolerate those sorts of limitations.

As I say above, though, BB10 and BBOS devices may not be working in a year's time. We'll see.
- Ira

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