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I don't think so. I do know that if you physically connect the BB to a PC running the mgmt software, it will activate via USB instead of over-the-air, which is usually faster. All sorts of things make activation sometimes long, and I never found a rhyme or reason for it. You take a normal mailbox, with minimal messages, calendar entries, tasks, etc... (like mine) and it will activate in about 10-15 mins or less. I've seen some people's take upwards to 1+ hours, depending on how many tasks, calendar entries, address book entries, etc... they have. Since you can't tell a VP to clear out their address book of old junk before activating their BB, you have to alot over an hour for it. I usually tell folks it takes 1-2 hours to reactivate their BB. That way, if it takes only 20 minutes, you get it to them quick and they're happy. If it goes really long, then that's just the way it is.