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Originally Posted by rkdvsm
When I dial the keys I am suppposed to hear the tones for each keys. One day it stops working.

I remove the battery and put it back it and then it starts working again. If this happened once then I can say it's no big deal, but I had to do this 3 times in one day.

Did anyone else have or is anyone currently having this problem? I'm wondering what the issue is here?

Btw, I don't have the latest OS upgrade. I think mine is a Tmo .42

Does anyone have info about this?

I dont know if the updated since then have addressed this issue, but i do know that someone else on this forum had this problem. The only diffrence was that theirs stopped working all together. You probably have a faulty unit and should get it replaced. If its under warranty you might as well take advantage of it. First thing i would reccomend to do is update the OS.
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