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Default Re: Elcomsoft breaks BB password by hacking encrypted media card

We can use analogies to describe security models until we're blue in the face. Things are rather simple though.

1) The handset + the OS are RIM products.
2) The filesystem + the encryption are RIM products.
3) The feature that allows the user to protect the card using the device password is a RIM product.
4) Getting the device password via ANY possible attack vector compromises Blackberry security.

From the above combined we get that if certain conditions are met (rather common) an attack on files stored on SD compromises blackberry security to device level and exposes all confidential info stored.
It's a flaw, a RIM flaw, juwaack wants to blame the SD card. That's a dumb magnetic medium. Never promised you or offered any kind of security protection. RIM did both.

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