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I voted "I won't consider a move yet.." as that's the closest to my belief and situation.

I'm not "blackberry forever" because I am ready to switch in a moment if the BlackBerry doesn't meet my needs. And I am a little disappointed in RIM sometimes and the little steps instead of big ones between major device and OS upgrades that have been the norm since I've been using the product (though I think I have some appreciation for the balances that RIM is trying to maintain).
But the BlackBerry does meet my needs. I see myself as precisely the kind of "consumer" user that RIM is designing for. I do care about multimedia, but it's a matter of degree; phone, email, and internet access anytime anywhere is my priority, not entertainment. I don't care about games. I don't care if the other platforms have gazillions of apps; I have the ones I need. I don't care about lots of customization options and bells and whistles which to me is useless overhead. And I certainly would have no use for the fun and frolic of a device that can be hacked.

I think a big step is coming with the new QNX OS. Still, I don't know if it will make BlackBerry a "competing" device in the sense the poll means. As I say, I think RIM is marketing to users with different priorities.
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