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Originally Posted by Tom View Post
And any specific reasons as to why? The tour is not exactly a state of the art BlackBerry, so I am just curious what made you choose an Iphone?
I like phones. When I was on TMO, I switched at least once a year and usually more often (including buying unlocked phones). When I switched to Verizon last year, I started with a Storm II but decided quickly that I hated it so switched to Droid within first 30 days. I stuck with the Droid 3-4 months before figuring out that while I liked some things on it, I could not stand the way it screwed up my contacts and calendar. (I sync both with Outlook. I know there are other ways but that's what I do and everytime I try something else, I am unhappy so I'm sticking with it for now.) So I got a personal Tour. I actually like the Tour but I wanted a touch screen. I did not like Verizon so decided to pay ETF for family plan and we all moved to AT&T. My brother (who kept his Storm II on Verizon) and I both got iPhones. I love it. It works very well. My contacts and calendar are properly handled as is my email. I just like the way it works. I like the touch screen on the iPhone (didn't like touch screen on Storm II; did like it on Droid). Doesn't mean I'll stay with iPhone forever or that I won't try a different BB in the future, but this is the first time in a long time that I haven't gotten bored or started looking for my next phone within 2-3 months after getting a phone.

Yes, battery life sucks on the iPhone. No, I've had no problems with the antenna thing -- I put an Incipio Feather case on the iPhone day 1 but I would have put one on it whether other people reported antenna problems or not (had one on my Tour). No proximity sensor issues. Etc. It works for me. But you know what, it's just a phone after all. (Well, and a nice gadget. I like gadgets.)
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