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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
1. No file manager built in.

so what use being able to create a folder on your desktop? what can you put into it and how do you do it?

2. i have not seen a way to sort them. I assume you mean while in the media view on the BB?

no, they seem to sort ok in media view as i've named them prefixed with 'alert ___', 'ring ____' &c. but when you are in the profile mode selecting alerts and tones some files are out of place in the sort order. worse--much worse--is that about every 4th time i'm trying to assign tones to events by scrolling the list, my curve will reboot itself. perhaps one of my sound files is corrupted, but it seems random as to which file it reboots on as i scroll through the list.

3. Do you have a copy of your handheld OS installed to the PC?
i guess i don't understand the question. i installed v4.3 of the desktop software from the blackberry page to windows and it didn't ask nor give me the option to copy my handheld os.

perhaps i should have gotten the desktop software from the carrier (tmobile) who only offer v4.2?


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