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Originally Posted by hrbuckley View Post
Have you looked at the Wi-Fi diagnostics on your device? Manage Connections -> Wi-Fi Options, Menu -> Wi-Fi Tools -> Wi-Fi Diagnostics.

You will also find there Site Survey, Ping and DNS Lookup. Very useful tools in working out problems. You haven't specified your Blackberry OS in your profile so it is difficult to be specific, but modern Blackberry OSs are designed to work with, and use Wi-Fi in conjunction with, a Blackberry Data Plan. You can use it without one, but it can be problematic as you are finding out.
Thanks for the response.

I've checked Wi-Fi diagonstics (Options > WiFi Connections > *WiFi profile name* (not the actual profile name obviosuly) > Wi-Fi Diagnostics). That's how I got to it, I'm assuming more/less we're on the same page there.

I have Blackberry OS 4.5.

I've also removed the battery several times.

Again I have had success twice in getting WiFi. The first time was the evening I bought the router on Sunday (just needed to get the MAC address settings proper), and the 2nd time was 2 days ago with just a battery removal.

The error I always get is UMA 004 which means it doesn't establish an IP/DNS connection at all (I think more/less).

I had no trouble at all connecting to my previous router via BlackBerry WiFi (before that router kicked the bucket this weekend).
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