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Originally Posted by kathrynhr View Post
You could send your texts to your BB and hide them within GV by changing the GV "Inbox" tab to something else (there are 5 or 6 choices), but then when you hit "reply" from within your BB messages app -- even to messages sent to you through GV -- it replies using your BB phone number, not your GV phone number. Which completely defeats the purpose of having GV. There's no "Reply using GV" option from within the Messages folder when you select a message.
False, you can use the native sms software on the blackberry and respond to texts using your google voice nubmer. When you receive texts on your google voice number they should appear as coming from a 406-xxx-xxxx number. This is a unique number that is assigned to each phone number that texts you. All you have to do is add the 406 number to the contact that is sending you. now when you call or text the 406 number it will send from your google voice number. Very cool stuff. You can read more about it and speculation about what else may be possible at:
The Power of 406 - Google Voice Help

I have completely stopped using the google voice app for texts, I love the features of the built in software. The only thing that is missing is discovering a contacts 406-xxx-xxxx number before they text you. Basically have to get people to text you first then you can avoid using the google voice app for phone calls and sms'ing by changing all contacts to their respective 406 number.


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