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Default Fix for Media Player Not Scanning For Music, Stuck on Scan, or Constant Reboots

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I ran into this issue yesterday with a Pearl on OS 4.5. I upgraded the device to a newer version of 4.5 and suddenly the Media Player would not complete a scan for new music. If I rebooted the device it would it would start the scan and find some of the music but wouldn't find it all.

Here is what I did to resolve the issue.

1. Removed the Media Card from the device and put in a card reader. This makes the rest of the process much quicker. However, you can do it with the card in the device.

2. Copy the entire contents of the card to your PC.

3. Put the card back in the device and go to Options >Media Card >Menu key >Format Card. This will wipe the card and reformat it. (if using a card reader remove the card and put it back in the reader.)

4. Now copy back JUST the media to the device. Do NOT copy back any "BBthumbs.dat" files or any system files. I went through the entire folder and deleted every .dat file before copying the contents of the music folder and pictures folders back to the device. The device will recreate these files. Also, I didn't copy the actual "music" folder but rather just copied the contents and pasted in the card's \Blackberry\music folder. Do this for each folder.

5. When finished put the card back in the device and try the Media App again. It should scan for music. If you have lots of music it can take 5-10 minutes. During scanning you can open the Music app and you should be able to see the songs moving around in the list as the device scans

If after transferring all your files back you still get a stuck scanning bar or device reboots then you have a conflicting file on the card. I've seen video files do this but it could be a music file too or (less likely) a picture file. Remove all the files you transferred and see if the reboots stop. Then add back each folder one at a time to see if you can narrow down to the folder that's causing it. Once you find the folder then you can narrow down to a particular file.

This method worked for me. YMMV.

Rock on! (to all your music!)

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