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Default Is any one else having issues with their BB curve?

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I have sprint and this is my second BB curve.
I oroginally got the new curve for my upgrade, and after having it for a little over 2 months for some reason the screen would just stay off and the track pad wouldnt do anything or the other buttons. The little indicator light would blink green. After taking the battery out and leaving it out for 2 miunuets I put it back in gain, the load screen for Sprint would come on following the Black berry load screen and then after repeating this for about 5 times the menu would finally come on and there again the track pad and buttons did nothing.
I thien took it to sprint because it was still inder warenty and they replaced it with a whole nee BB curve saying that they couldnt figure out what was wrong with it and it wouldnt even turn on with the help of charging and new battery they couldnt even port my information over to the new BB.

Then about 1 month later the same thing happened. i'm pretty peeved by this point so i go to sprint and they say is quote 'water damage' I was like well i called sprint they said to come here to the repair center and that if no repairs are able to be made that i am to recieve a new phone. So i go home still no new BB and mine is still not fixed. I call sprint and they say that this phone is a great working phone and its highly unlikey that they both broke the same way. To top it off I was 6 states away from where i got the first phone.. So some luck. I was wondering if any one else was experiancing the same problems and if any one has found a way to fix it.
Much help would be appreciated I'm stuck with a stupid palm pixie HELP!
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