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Originally Posted by test54 View Post
okay if that works for you. one mention of behemoth or another of leviathon hardly solve the problem for me. And I'm a grad of a Christian college, several years without an answer to this issue for me.
Thats fine. its your beliefs. I am not asking you to be a a Christian thats your desicion. I feel Christ is just and lets you make your own choices. Im not here to judge you for it.

Originally Posted by mriff View Post
Wow. I don't even know what to say. I'm a biologist by training and I know that every biologist worth his/her salt uses the theory of evolution as posited by Darwin as the basis for understanding of life sciences. I can say this. Evolution is fact. Forms evolve. There can be no dispute about that. The theory part comes in as to how this happens. And for 150 years, scientists have accepted Darwin's explanations for this and have corroborated his findings in every way possible.

To teach creationism as science in public schools is nonsense.

There you have it. Flame away.
Bingo! Faith or hope or what ever. You don't know what caused it, I do God!

I tell you what you all believe what you want to believe and I will believe what I wanna believe and well leave it at that. We will see which one is still alive when the lord comes home.
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