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Thumbs up Insight into broken USB ports

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You can now get a new USB port from for $4.99.
Of course you will need mad soldering skills to install it.

As far as fragility of these ports. It appears to me that the issue is with the design of the port.
These ports mount mid-board. So unlike most other ports that sit on top of the board these USB ports reside in a small cutout on the pc board with the soldering tabs sticking out of the side of the port and not the bottom.
It seems as though plastic connector portion of the port is press fit into the metal jacket. The plastic portion becomes loose and wiggles in the metal jacket, hence the loose feeling many report.
However, this is the beginning of the end because as the plastic part is no longer snugly held place, stress is placed on fragile metal conductor pins. Slowly as people use the "loose" jack
and pay little attention to the wiggling, the metal conductors snap off and the port becomes useless. This makes allot more sense if you look at the enlarged pictures of the jack.
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When I replace my jack, I'm going to try to place a small drop of super glue that will lock the plastic piece in the metal jacket.
My advice to those with a loose but working jack is to use GREAT care when plugging in the port, don't allow any wiggling or you will eventually snap these wires. If you are brave enough you can try to glue the plastic back into position in the metal sleeve.
Personally I think Blackberry should do a recall.
Good luck.
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