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OK did another drive this morning and getting good results, showing up on GoogleEarth nicely.

But I still see entries that have 0 signal and 0 Lat/Long Also odd is that its at the bottom of the file, this one the last 4 entries have no info.

I can see not getting any lat/long as sometimes the gps may not get a clear veiw of sky but where I got the 0s is right downtown where there is great coverage.

Heres the last entry in the file, note the location name doesnt have the date and time cause i stripped it out, but the sig and lat/long were 0s before.

<Data name="CreateDate"><value>2009-05-05T10:11:25Z</value></Data>
<Data name="Speed"><value>0 mph</value></Data>
<Data name="Course"><value>0</value></Data>
<Data name="Satellites"><value>0</value></Data>
<Data name="FixQuality"><value>0</value></Data>
<Data name="CellSite"><value><![CDATA[null]]></value></Data>
<Data name="SignalStrength"><value>0</value></Data>
<Data name="Service"><value>null</value></Data>
<Data name="UserData">
<Data name="ExportDate"><value>2009-05-05T10:34:54Z</value></Data>

~ Phil
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