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Originally Posted by Nordschleife View Post
Hi All,

I have a BB Bold and BB Pearl (8110) as well as a 2005 BMW with OEM bluetooth / BMW assist.

With the Bold the Bluetooth works flawlessly - the address book transfers, everything is loud and clear, I see signal strength on the dashboard - works like a charm.

When I try to pair the Pearl with the car it can't find anything to pair with. I have updated the OS to the latest version available but it still can't find the car. I have heard rumours of a 5.0 OS but I have not yet seen this with the Pearl.

Looking at bluetooth specification comparisons between the Bold and the Pearl the only difference I have found appears to be that the Bold can be used as an AV remote control however clearly there are other differences.

What I am looking for is a way to pair my Pearl with the car. I notice that in the device properties for my Bold that it sues the Phone Access Server profile to connect to the car - is this profile supported on the Pearl?

I note from ththe Blackberry website that BBs should be able to pair with every BMW with bluetooth / assist (I had included a link but I can't post it due to my low count).

Can any of you guru's help me to pair my Pearl?

Any advice appreciated.
hi, I have tried 3 pearls so far (8100, 8110, 8120) and they all work perfect.

what car do you have?
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