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Default Re: BES Admin page not available

Originally Posted by nobody7290 View Post
I have only a few guesses:
does something run on the computer which maybe uses the same port(s) bas is using ?

Nope. Nothing else uses that port.

Uninstall BAS, telnet to the port bas used, if you get a connect then install BAS using a different port.

Uninstall BAS, remove all instances of java, remove the java directory from program files
Try to install again.

Java wan't even installed on this machine. I did a fresh install of Java 6 update 18.

Do you have any Java VMs running (maybe from Raid controllers for example) ?
Uninstall those, remove BAS, again install BAS

See above

Somone in the blackberry support forums wrote, that after logging in on the computer using the account the installation of BAS was done, he was able to lauch the console.

Tried that. I left the account logged in and still nothing.

Remove all Security Software (firewall, antivirus etc.) disable the windows Firewall
Try again to install or launch BAS.

I am not very comfortable doing that but I guess I can try it. I did create rules in the firewall to allow all of the ports needed for BAS.

Maybe, install a new OS from scratch (dont use a copy of a VM or something preinstalled), dont install antivirus, firewall, updates or similar. Then try again to install BAS.

I guess I can try that but this is has become a royal pain in the ass. I cannot wait to get rid of BES.
Thanks for the info. I answered your questions in red.
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