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Default Re: BES Admin page not available

If you launch the installer, and the product is already installed, it will install just anyhting if I remember correct - but, that should be ok, unless you have installed patches after the installation. In this case apply any patches you had installed before.

Otherwise you would have to remove bas using the installer or Control-panel, add/remove programs. Then, you should have the option to only install a single component (BAS).

If the complete reinstall does not help, try to uninstall the BAS component. Then, reinstall.
Or, got to a different machine, launch the installer, select that you only want to install BAS. During the installation you will be asked to find the BES server/database installation.
It does not matter if you have multiple instances of BAS installed.

If you install BAS on a different machine, and the console works fine there, then at least you know, your BES server installation is ok, an you have a local problem on the machine where the console is not working.
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